Tuesday, April 11, 2017


In no particular order......here's some snap shots of our retreat.
 Georgia Bonesteel just returned from a trip to NY.....her highlight was a trip to Mood (of Project Runway fame).  Like so many who've gone for the first time.....she found it so overwhelming that purchases were minimal.  She came home with only two packages of sew on snaps!!
 Linda chose to use her time at retreat to knit socks....this pair is for Kate who picked out the yarn.
The first year we did our retreat....we each brought a photo of ourselves as a baby and a 2nd one during our highschool days.  We had so much fun guessing which photo belong to which person.

That started a tradition of 'Q & A' held during happy hour.  We do one question each night......answers are put in a bowl. Barbara had her helpful bell to try to keep control of 10 women all laughing and talking at once.  The retreat center serves dinner at 6:30 PM.....thus the bell is necessary to keep us from being late.

 Questions #1 was:  When I come back in my next life - I want to be.....?
OH my gosh......even as well as we know each other.....we are surprised by some of the answers.  One member answered - Carter Cruise.....none of us knew who that was. The tiny "do not open" attached note clued us in. If you are interested, google it.  

Two members had nearly the same answer.....Super Rich and Filthy Rich!  We all decided we'd travel the world: Super Rich would provide the private plane and Filthy Rich would escort us on a private yacht.
 Kate (left), Mary (center), and Judy (right) showed off our ice dyed garments.  Mine was a night shirt....Kate and Judy dyed men's white shirts.
 This is self-explanatory.....
......as is this....two like minded PTA members!!

Oh my.......so much has to be left unsaid here......all year long we await these 3 days.  They never disappoint.  Grab some of your like-minded buddies and plan a little escape for yourselves.


Robbie said...

You ladies always do know how to party! Oh wait! This is a quilt retreat! HA Great time ladies!

margaret said...

sounds like lots of fun and laughter. The ice dyeing has worked beautifully,

Linda M said...

Wow! What a party.