Saturday, April 22, 2017


Fiber Junkies meeting day is one we all eagerly look forward to each month.  We played with transparency transfer.....more about that in my next post.  Right now here's some eye-candy from our show and tell.
 Judy hosted us in her beautiful, well equipped studio.  Her design wall is envied by us's huge.  Her piece from our PTA retreat was displayed as she continued to tweet the color placement of some hexes.
 And another set of quilt blocks ready for their final piecing.
 Kate has been on a tear, digging deep into her stash of scraps......determined to use them!  Here she's utilized leftover strips.
 Cleverly showcasing some on the backing as well.
 Kate's small piece from a SAQA Traveling Trunk show was recently returned...we all drooled over it.  She combined marble printing with shibori for this colorful piece.
 Denny brought a fabulous piece that she made as her final project in the Hollis Chatelain Master class which she's been participating in for nearly 10 years.  It depicts the scene she experienced during the 'Women's March' in a park in Greenville, SC.
 Val makes the most wonderful books....this cover features acrylic paints applied over a quilted/stitched layers.
 The inside cover is on the left, the face page on the right.  It's made with hand-made paper.....which was eco & indigo dyed.
 Center fold of book - paper with rusted and eco-dyed images.
 Gen has been spending time following collage exercise guidelines (book below) to create these charming designs.
Check back for more Fiber Junkies adventures....won't you?!?


Nancy said...

Such a wonderful variety of projects are shared at your meetings. The eco-dyed book project is impressive. I've seen eco-dyeing as a demo, and the results are terrific. But it's a bit too involved for me to aspire to doing it. One article I saw suggested using liquid from soaking black beans as a dye. That was new! You had great fun again.

Robbie said...

Love all the show and tell...but you know how much I love Judy's piece is right up there as one of my favorite! And Val's book!!! WOW!!!

margaret said...

so mnay interesting things to see this month loving the umbrellas

Kathy said...

You hang with such a talented group of women! Love the variety of work you share with us.