Friday, November 4, 2016


This October Fiber Junkies 'report'  is a tad late.....but the results of our experiments will live on!  We had such fun.

At a previous FJ meeting, we stenciled, painted, drew, and otherwise created designs on paper using disperse paints and crayons.  My example above was made using two colors of paint and a stencil. The lower section is what it looked like after transferring the design to  synthetic felt.
This month we all brought our completed papers and a variety of fabrics and using a HOT iron, transferred the designs onto our chosen fabrics. This technique works best on synthetics, at least 50%, though one must take care working with temperature sensitive fabrics such as nylon) 
Kate gave me some white synthetic felt.  It's not a product I normally use given that it's too thin and distorts easily.  However, it held up well to this technique and I've already incorporated this piece into a folded felted basket that was recently featured in a post.
Both Denny and Val are so adept at layering designs.  That inspired this piece that I created by first transferring the orange design, followed by the blue- green paper.
......And another layered design, using 3 different papers which were transferred onto Peach Skin poly.
This is Val's, also on Peach Skin poly.
Here are the three paper designs Val used.
Denny likes to use masks, particularly human figures, which she incorporates with the layering of a number of other designs. 
Because disperse/transfer methods work best on poly fabrics which are generally lightweight, Denny stabilizes the work with a heavy fusible and machine quilting.
Another example of Denny's work.
Kate created this complex piece using multiple designs.

It's going to be interesting to see how FJ members utilize the pieces we completed at this meeting.  It was A LOT of fun and all of us are anxious to explore this method again.

I'm linking to the following blogs...take some time to check out what other artists have been up to this week and give them some kudos.   Nina-Marie's Off The Wall Friday, Sarah's Whoop whoop Friday, and Crazy Mom Quilts


Kathy said...

Such interesting effects...and something new with which to experiment! Looks like a lot of fun.

Julie Bagamary said...

Looks like fun with cool results!

Unknown said...

Very interesting technique, and so many possibilities... I like your fabrics :)

Linda M said...

I may have to get out my transfer paints and play! I've never thought to try synthetic felt and I have some.

Angela said...

So fun!

quiltedfabricart said...

Such a diverse collection in the results! I can just picture you all together creating away - what fun :-)

Gwyned Trefethen said...

How have I not played with transfer paint before? I seem to learn something new from you with each post, Mary. The stenciled black, white and brown piece caught my eye. Lovely!

Robbie said...

I saw some pieces on Judy's blog....what fun...the layering/stenciling is such a clever idea. A must try sometime for me..perhaps in Florida!

margaret said...

such fun on your play day and so much produced