Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Last week was a busy week.  Generally both PTA and Fiber Junkies don't meet in the same week, never mind back to back days.

But it is our duty to have fun with our fiber friends!!
We met at Judy' always we are so appreciative of having access to her large, well equipped and beautiful studio.  Denny brought her die cast cutting machines....there are several manufactures of these machines with accompanying dies that make fast work of cutting both simple and complicated shapes.  

We were all awed by her large electric one.....not to mention the huge inventory of shapes she owns.
Gen was very methodical and concentrated on cutting specific colors and shapes.  She's trying to get a bunch of kits prepared in anticipation of a huge downsizing and move.
Each of us had piles of fused fabrics ready to be cut.
Here's an example of the Ohio Star block Denny cut using her machines.  I love the unusual color & busy print combinations, the black sets it off so well.
She also worked on a t-shirt quilt for her husband.....using his collection of very unique shirts.
The backing is personalized too....he grew up in Scotland and is an engineer type.....thus the numbers and sport theme.
Kate has been on a roll creating the most charming small pieces from orphan blocks.  She has an extensive fabric collection which she utilizes with her great eye to make the blocks so much more interesting.
And....a total surprise for me.  I had a rather big milestone birthday back in the spring.  We don't normally celebrate birthdays, only the significant ones.  However, about that time, two of our members had major family matters to cope with and the time passed.  That was totally fine with me as it made it easier to ignore the big 70...unlike many who worry too much about those things.  But....the FJ's didn't forget.....and when I walked in to Judy's house I was greeted with birthday greetings and all the wonderful trappings.  The theme was beads as you can tell. 
As is tradition, each birthday girl is given a crown & scepter. I also received this beautiful eco-dyed scarf that Val created....complete with the screen printed words "Bead Queen on Board". I'll treasure these memories forever.   Thank you dear friends.....this was such a wonderful surprise!!

AND....on another personal note.....'the husband' is now recuperating from major surgery and I'm playing nurse maid and wicked witch.....keeping him from doing things he is not supposed to do.  The recovery is going to be LONG.....however with any luck I'll be back blogging and in the studio before too long.


Kathy said...

Glad to hear that the husband is recovering well...and stay on him about NOT doing!!! It's important. Should be a good time for hand sewing, especially if the 'forced marches' are off the agenda during recovery! Enjoy your quiet time.

Nancy said...

Queen for a Day at Fiber Junkies- happy birthday, belated. I have no desire to own a die cutter, but am so impressed with what can be done with them! It's another example of something having its own entire set of supplies and necessities, and the sewing room just can't take much more. But the precision is wonderful as evidenced in the Ohio Star. I like all those prints together, too. Hope your husband's recovery goes smoothly under your "reign of terror." Are you still experiencing the smoke and fires?

The Inside Stori said...

Thank you to everyone who have reached out to me. Here's a Wed. update.....first....the fires continue but thankfully we are still not in danger where we live. Unfortunately, there is no rain forecasted now or long term future....which only hampers fighting the fires.

Also, 'the husband' has 'buyers remorse'....only far worse than mine with my cataract surgery. He's absolutely miserable....they can not seem to get ahead of the extreme pain he's experiencing.......way too long to go into details that really are not appropriate to share on this fiber blog anyway. But I guess anyone who has endured a nearly 6 hr. surgery.....pain is part of the deal....but unless they can do something about it.....the healing process can not move forward as it should.

The positive is because this surgery was in the cervical spinal region, the many dangers associated with it were avoided...and for that we are thankful.

Linda M said...

I too have been thinking of you and the fires, glad to hear your are not in danger. Hope the the husband starts having a more pain free recovery.
Love the crown and scepter, happy belated birthday.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Ah Mary - you look great with your sceptor! How nice the gals gave you this belated celebration. How cool to get that personalized scarf - you'll always be the bead queen extraordinaire to me.

Robbie said...

I saw on Judy's blog your Fiber BD celebration!! What fun!

So sorry about hubby and his pain and discomfort!!! Hope it can be resolved quickly....

margaret said...

good to hear the op went well men make very bad patients.
Another fun time at your eeting and belated happy birthday I am 70 next year though sometimes feel 50 and other times nearer 90!
I did buy a sizzix machine but sold it as did not like it and recently I am findng I really enjoy cutting fabrics for a quilt I used to dread that part but now it seems a pleasure though the machines do do it much faster