Wednesday, June 15, 2016


This falls under the category of 'having too much money' OR 'are they nuts?!'
This Porsche Design Tower is supposedly the newest & hottest property in Miami.  Auto-obsessed residents park their supercars inside their $6 to $30 million dollar penthouse apartments.  Adjoining additional garage space can be purchased for a mere $1.8 - $2.5 million!!
Sure it's a beautiful view....but where would you display your quilts?
Oh....that's right, cars are 'The Art'.
In the center of this model you can see where an elevator brings the car up from street level.  The floor rotates to face 'your personal' elevator it and drive your precious vehicle into your 'home'.

Now I've seen it all!!!


Robbie said...

I often wondered if someone won those 200 million dollar jackpots how the heck they could/would spend it all! Now I know!!!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Holy Toledo, you are so right - very MUCH too much money.

However . . . something tells me the late hubby would have appreciated being able to wheel his motorcycle in like this. It reminds me of when we were in college and he was renting a 3 bedroom apartment with a couple of buddies. They were on the third floor if I remember correctly, and units all had a small balcony. The elevator was just big enough for him to jockey his motorcycle into it, doors opening just across from his apartment. You see, he wanted to work on it and there was no place on the ground level where he could. He put down drop clothes over by that balcony, opened the sliding door and backed the bike into place, mufflers pointing towards the balcony.

And when he was done servicing, well, he just HAD to fire it up to make sure it was running ok - exhaust pouring out the balcony. I remember him laughing and wondering what the people downstairs were thinking. Ah, college kids. But here in Miami, with enough money, he'd be set!

margaret said...

not sure that is a good idea just think what would happen if there was a fire at the petrol no not for me, mind you I do not have a car and certainly do not have the money to buy an apartment!

The Inside Stori said...

Oh Maggie had a very good point.....yes, what about fire!?!? This whole concept is so over the top to me!