Sunday, June 5, 2016


There has been both major and minor distruptions in the lives of FJ's members so this meeting was so looked forward to when everyone was able to attend. YEAH!!
Despite the forecast of rain....we had a dry sunny day which allowed our deconstructed screens to dry quickly.
A plastic table cloth is the gathering point for our materials....many were in use when I snapped this picture.
My day was not productive at all.....I had numerous failed ice-dyed wool felt pieces that needed another opportunity to become attractive, so I mostly mono-printed.  Here I've pressed a plastic sink mat, coated with thickened dye, onto the fabric.  I won't even bother to show you the finished look......there wasn't enough contrast/color to make much of a change.

That's the extent of what you'll see from my day.....not only was I having a super hard time trying to see with one eye filled with dozens of black dots from my cataract surgery, looking through eye glass prescription that was no longer viable, on top of all that I developed another bad cold.  Have you ever tried to dye/print/work when one's nose drips every 2 mins.....wearing dye covered rubber gloves!  ENUFF said.....

Judy too was having an off day......she's all set with thickened dyes....plant material, her screen etc.
But when she printed.....ugh....there were areas of nothing along with a huge blackish mass.
This group is so very clever and optimistic.....Denny suggested using the bleach crystals she had found for us to save the piece.  
On the other hand, Kate was on a roll......she created screens so quickly she decided to wave them back and forth to get them to dry faster!
By lunch time I was feeling even sicker so my photo review of our day is pretty slim.....but on a happier note.....The exhibit Kate, Judy, and I have at the NC Arboretum is having wonderful sales.  We continue to add new pieces and this patchwork piece and the one below are some of Kate's new additions.

Judy had been busy marbling.....she had piles of these beauties to show and happily shared a few with us.......thanks Judy!

This is another stunning piece that Val designed......I feel that her work tends to have a very dream like quality and no one can combine unexpected colors better than she can!

If you've read down this far you'll know why I may be absent again for awhile as eye #2 ungoes cataract surgery tomorrow. So far, this has NOT been a cake walk, and I'm truly hoping it will have been worth it cause right now all I can say's not!  With that said, I am NOT a good patient, because I'm not a patient person. However, now that I'm appearing so grumpy with this admission....hopefully the next procedure will have me doing a happy dance......I'll be back before I'm missed......


Nancy said...

Well at least you made the May meeting, even though it was June and you were not at the top of your game. The marbling results show well- quite dramatic. Good luck with the second eye. I hear mixed reviews on cataract surgery- some ask why they didn't do it sooner, others sound more like your experience. Guess it takes awhile. I'm sure my turn will be coming some day in the not too distant future. Hope you feel better.

Robbie said...

Well, golly! Hope you have better success with the 2nd eye. Sometimes it just takes awhile!!! Good thoughts your way!!!!

margaret said...

trust all has gone ell with the eye op when they have settled down I am sure your eye sight will be fine mind you dust etc will show up more! Shame the play day was not a success and you were feeling poorly, I love the marbling fabric

Julie Bagamary said...

Looks like a fun day either way
Hoping your 2nd surgery goes well.