Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Like so many of us.....spending 24-7 creating is only a wish, though of course that's not practical or probably not even healthy. 
 So, for the 11th year in a row....the pause button was pushed as we headed to Daytona Beach, FL for the Rolex 24 hour car race.

****I'm not sure why the video isn't showing up....will continue to try.  Yes, I said 24 hrs. - 12 of which are run in the dark.  Mercifully, we don't stay for all 24 hrs. but normally spend a good 14 hrs. there each day.  I'll admit I'm less and less interested in the actual race.....on a scale of 1-100....I spend less than 10% paying attention. If you dare.....you can see why....it's LOUD (even if you have your computer speakers on high it won't come close) and the cars go FAST - 140 MPH at times.  Snapping my head back and forth to watch makes me dizzy.  We arrive before it's light just to get a parking place along the fence line in the Porsche Paddock....they can accommodate only 190 cars (must be a Porsche) so each year it's a effort to keep track of when those tickets go on sale.
It's dark when we arrive and dark when we leave....but how lovely is this sunrise on Saturday morning?!?
 In fact, on Saturday we are there so early the garages aren't even open yet!! The race begins at 2:40 PM on Saturday and ends at 2:40 on Sunday.
 So besides reading 3 books during my 3 days at the track....I marvel at the spectacle.....can you imagine the skill it takes to park these huge vans, nearly touching.  All the transporters are immaculate.....chrome wheels shining...the teams take pride in every aspect.
There are more darn rules than the IRS for theses races.  Here's the inspection station where cars are weighed, equipment is checked.....they go over every inch of the car before giving it the okay to race.
This is why we get up so early.....by mid. morning the Paddock is full.  Only the first row faces the track (north) ....all of these cars are facing East.
 This is the coveted first row......and THIS IS a $200,000 special edition Porsche!!
Think that's unbelievable??  Well....This is a MILLION dollar very, very, very, special edition Porsche.  We saw the owner being helped out of the car...he was about 90, had to use a cane to walk and stand, plus one wrist was in a brace.....sure hope he has good insurance.
 These are not million dollar vehicles but they are valuable....for those who don't know.....Porsche's are a derivative from a VW bug.  'The husband' claims if a car was made....ever.....you can see one here.

A major number of attendees spend 4 days at the race.....$100,000-$200,000 fancy motor homes are common....as are $50.00 pup tents.  This is a rental....pretty fancy I'd say...they even had a big screen TV on the top deck...

I spend a lot of time rubber necking as we walk, walk, walk around the facilities.....  Road America in Elkhart Lake, WI is still my favorite track.....mostly cause I love the food....but this one has made big improvements in that area.....including good coffee..... so until next year.......


Linda M said...

Loved seeing the VW buses, I had one as a single parent of three. I could haul a lot of kids and stuff in it. The fun part is the guy who owned it before me had put a Porsche engine in it.

Teresa Duryea Wong said...

My husband would be so jealous. He is a Corvette fanatic - we have the new one.

Robbie said...

Hope they were good books! HA