Tuesday, February 9, 2016


A few short months ago the 6 Fiber Junkies members were all blissfully enjoying our monthly meetings together. Life does have its ups and downs....member Denny has had to pull away for awhile to handle a long term family emergency, and member Gen's husband is now seriously ill.  Member Val's situation is not bleak....she spends a couple of her winter months in Florida.

That left Judy, Kate, and myself to gather for our January meeting.  We've been wanting to devote a meeting to problem solving projects we are having difficulties developing.  It was VERY productive.  In part because we are such good friends and could be completely honest, allowing three different minds to build upon each others ideas. Not a single proposed project was left without some suggestions about how to proceed.  We all went home feeling very positive!
 Here Kate and Judy are viewing options to complement the larger piece of shibori dye painted fabric on the right.  Adding, subtracting, shifting locations all contributed to a new plan for the piece.
 This is one of Judy's workshop samples, dyed & painted silk. She offered to give it to one of us.....but it's sooooo Judy that we encouraged her to develop it further herself. After quite a bit of discussion.....there's a plan for this piece too.
 We three are members of another group of 14 that will be sewing up some charity quilts at our April meeting.  We decided it would be more productive if we made up kits ahead of time. So we donated colorful, theme based fabrics and spent the afternoon cutting.
Each kit has all the pieces for the blocks, plus the backing and binding. It's rewarding to see fabrics we've fallen 'out of love' with being used for such a good cause.


Windy Hill Happenings said...

That was such a great meeting and so productive..so beneficial to get another opinion or 2 on where to go with a piece. Sometimes we're just too close to our own work to see it.... Thanks Mary and Kate for the wonderful input..I've been off and running ever since.

Robbie said...

So nice to share ideas and give feedback!

margaret said...

do hope people are feeling better soon. A very worth while meeting you had must be so good to have people you can chat and discuss things with and so productive too, all those kits made up I am sure some lovely quilts will emerge

The Idaho Beauty said...

Sounds like a great meeting. Help where you are stuck followed by collective organizing on projects aimed wt helping those in need.