Thursday, November 19, 2015


.....Perhaps this post should be titled: My off day, in a slump, creative dead zone.....  It's a condition I rarely ever deal with.  But for some reason, I had a very unfocused day and accomplished nothing artwise, but still enjoyed time with my pals.
Everyone came with piles of materials to create collage designs.  The generosity of the Fiber Junkies members is legendary....really!!
Val brought each of us a small 8" x 8" canvas covered frame. Kate offered a variety of beautifully dyed gauze, and Judy shared a huge stack of photo transferred images. Despite that (and tons more) I shuffled things around and never could make a decision.
But Val jumped right in creating a collage of her handmade paper directly on the canvas frame. Once she had her design in place, she used matte medium to secure it.  (Obviously this isn't the finished piece....)

Kate very enthusiastically combined some of Judy's screen printed motifs with painted sheers.
Here Kate layered painted fabric, silk flowers/leaves, and sheers.
Gen utilized some of her altered National Geographic magazine pages.
I can't stop thinking about the pile of tea bag papers that Gen has collected.  Happily, she shared some with me.......and they've moved to first place on my 'inspiration list'.
Speaking of paper.....honestly this group is simply full of ideas.....  Here's a piece of painted tissue paper that Val created.
As we were oohing and aahing over the various papers being used, Kate sheepishly pulls these toilet paper sections out of her pocket.  Yup.....she got inspired by a visit to Judy's guess what we'll be doing at an upcoming meeting??  Just think of all the unusual paper products we'll be gathering between now and then to paint!


Nancy said...

Paper is my favorite, right after fabric! Oh all the unique things you combined- the sheers are wonderful, tea bag papers remind me of rust-dyed fabrics. What fun.

Lara B. said...

Hee hee hee... toilet paper. They do quilt paper products withe the neatest designs. Who would have thought to save tea bags? You have such a fun time with your group Mary!

Robbie said...

Sometimes it's not so much of an 'off day' as it is just a day that a particular art form or technique just isn't up your alley. I've had times like that at our Complex Coth group meetings years ago...just couldn't get into the if beading were involved you would have been 'front of the class'! HA