Friday, November 27, 2015


I'm going to focus on the highlight of an otherwise pitiful showing, where again the Packers 'gave it away'.  You can't win if you can't hang onto the ball....enuff said.

The half-time tribute to Brett Favre, as his number was retired, helped heal old wounds and most fans seem to have 4 Gotten & 4 Given.  The man simply loved football and didn't want to leave the sport when he was being eased out to make room for Aaron Rodgers who had patiently waited like a gentleman for his turn.  So who can blame him for taking offers to QB other teams?!?

The moment of the night was when Bart Starr, a Green Bay Packer legend, made an appearance.  With his failing health, it took a heroic effort to make what will surely be his last visit to Lambeau Field.  I'm sure there wasn't a dry eye in the place, or probably in most homes of Packer fans.

'Cheeseheads' take the good with the bad.....and as they say:  THE PACK WILL BE BACK.....but probably not this season.


The Idaho Beauty said...

Oh so sorry. I watched the half-time tribute and was having those thoughts about the "bad" years when he should have called it quits but kept trying. It was obvious that indeed, Packer fans chose to forgive and forget. I thought the interview with Brett later when he was asked how it felt to come onto Lambeau Field from the other side. His candid response said all I needed to know about the man and I too was in a forgive and forget mode.

I didn't watch most of the game, just paid more attention at the end - unbelieving that they were behind. Really? Kept feeling like I should check to see if this wasn't the Seahawks ;-) So close and yet so far. Da Bears played well and that's what's all about in the end.

And wow - that weather! Just rain but so cold...and then toward the end, the famous WI snow...

Robbie said...

I didn't get to see the half time show and tribute. We were having TV hit the remote and changed the settings on TV we played around trying to figure out what was wrong as we had NO sound. OMG...then we went downstairs but I was trying to get dinner cooked! So I missed out. The wonderful, smart wife I am....figured out the problem!!! Woohoo! All is better now and our lIons even won! Go figure!