Thursday, October 22, 2015


As I began to piece blocks with more patches, the accuracy I experienced stitching the small one-patch (polka dot happy) quilt has disappeared.  Now, more hours than I care to admit to have been wasted trying to figure out WHY??? and ascertaining what settings/feet should be used on this (still new to me) Janome 8900.

Today I'm doing methodical comparison stitch testing and perhaps the mystery will be solved.  It's ridiculous that this is so should be able to sit at a sewing machine that costs thousands of dollars and sew a simple straight line accurate seam the first, second, and forever time!!  Perhaps gremlins have invaded my studio and are messing with me!
 A dear friend has an enormous fabric which I have been the beneficiary many times over.  Thank you Helen!!  Here you see 4 LARGE USPS boxes, stuffed with oriental designed fabrics.  Excellent quality I might add.
First let me say, this is not my style nor color preference.....lots of purples, pinks, and lots of gold.  But, why not consider that a challenge!?!  I've made several successful lap quilts featuring small patches which were easier to incorporate, yet that hardly made a dent in the collection. 

Even though I had color coordinated the fabric for storage, somehow nearly every piece ends up out of the boxes, searching for the right combination.
It seems a shame not to highlight the various scenes depicted in the majority of the fabrics. I thought that working with larger patches would also make decision making easier, it was just the opposite. The prints are so busy.  The block I've chosen requires specific orientation for cutting and placement, making the process more tedious.  Okay....I'll admit it.....selecting these fabrics took me HOURS.....seriously!  Maybe someone who works with this style frequently could make the selection licky-split....alas I couldn't.

So.....onward.....the boxes are put away and I'm working with these fabrics - do or die!!!


Lara B. said...

Yikes Mary! That is bad news about the loss of accuracy. So far, I have not had that problem come into play on my Janome 7700. It might be happening, but I just might be making quilts where it does not matter. I hope you can get to the bottom of the trouble with your experiments... it sounds so complicated.
I have trouble using oriental fabrics too. Two styles I like are an oriental lantern quilt:
and this box style:'s_DIY.html

The Inside Stori said...

Well....I def. have news for anyone who is still following my machine saga.......hoping to post the update asap......

I've had the oriental lantern design in my file as a potential quilt for these fabrics......hadn't seen the box style pattern but like it a lot.....though I'm not sure I'm keen about all those outside I've gotten lazy about piecing....though it's never been a favorite construction style for me....just give me some beads or other hand work.....

Thank you for the ideas....I REALLY need to do these fabrics justice!

Robbie said...

Can't wait to see your machine updates! Fabrics are beautiful!