Friday, October 31, 2014


Perhaps my love of quilts was a direct result of my love of antique furniture, which I've been collecting for about 45 years.  Silly me, when our move from WI to NC took place in 2006.....parting with some treasures was too difficult so they came with us.

Now with only two more teaching trips during the month of Nov. I'm already reorganizing some of my storage spaces.  I must now admit....I truly DO NOT have room to display several pieces that have been hoarded all this time. I realize many of you do not live in the Asheville I hope I won't bore you with this post.  However, I wish to sell both pieces so if anyone is a local me if you are interested.  Pictured are two cross-grain cut oak pieces....

 Wall mounted cabinet 26" x 38" tall x 7.5" deep, with a glass shelf that sits in about the middle of the glass included section.
Beveled mirror  22" high x 44" wide

Thursday, October 30, 2014


The Oct. Fiber Junkies meeting included a surprise birthday party for Denny.....see yesterday's post.... and experimenting to finish the projects we started in Sept.

That month we used paper images, adhered to fabric with a glue type medium such as Mod Podge.....
 Now, using mostly transparent paint.....we colored the fabric and with the aid of hairdryers...... quickly dried them.
Next, we each selected another image/s....tracing it with a permanent pen. That was followed by additional painting outside and inside the image with metallic paint. The idea is to retain some of the initial paper images by careful paint placement or rubbing it off where necessary.  This piece is one Kate is finishing for her sister who joined us last month.
 I guess I wasn't totally into this concept in Sept., therefore my paper images are here is my BEFORE.
Here's my after.  I decided not to add more paint after drawing the branches with a permanent pen.
Here's Val's before piece - after she painted around her center paper design the first time.
And her 'after' drawing a design with a pigma pen, followed by the addition of metallic paint.
 Denny's 'after'.......I so wish I'd have taken a 'before' picture since this piece was completely transformed!
Gen's daughter was in town visiting and joined us......and it is apparent she inherited her Mom's talent.  I am especially taken with this one......abstract with delicious colors!

None of us can wait for our Nov. meeting when we will work with soy wax.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Don't we all look forward and gear up for special occasion birthdays? This month, Fiber Junkie's member Denny had a significant birthday which of course, we needed to acknowledge and celebrate.  
 Denny enjoys using spider web designs in her our party theme was easy considering Halloween is so close.  Judy has made a hand dyed table cloth for the guest of honor at our previous 'big' birthday celebrations......and she did for this one as well.  However, to preserve the was covered with this fabric that Kate tried to convince everyone that she hand stitched.  NOT!!!  
 Although we do fuss.....we are sensible with our time as paper products, plus fun 'embellishments' make entertaining easy on the hostess.
 We dressed Denny with a dyed cheesecloth shawl, a lovely (cheap) plastic necklace, a stylish witches hat and broom......
 Extra fabric goodies for our birthday girl.
And....the real reason for making the bread sticks that I blogged about marry the yummy homemade soup made by Gen.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Cooking has always appealed to much so that I ran a small cooking school years ago and authored a children's cookbook, "I'll Eat Anything If I Can Make It Myself".  Numerous back surgeries and guidelines from doctors guided me away from 'standing on my feet all day & carrying heavy equipment".  Ha.....that could describe of the life of a traveling quilt instructor as well!

The funny thing of my favorite parts of cooking was garnishing/decorating.  I guess it's not a leap to realize all I did was change my materials....instead of garnishing food, I now embellish cloth.
 Halloween party food can be such fun to create.  I've made 'chopped' off finger breadsticks, enhanced with blue food coloring and almond finger nails. Here they are rising....

 Cooling after a generous wash of garlic salted butter......yummmmmm
Lately kitchen experiments have revolved around creating tasty sugar-free desserts.  The timing is right for this pumpkin mousse.  I had planned to mark a spider web into the filling but it went out of my mind until AFTER I added the plastic spiders.  When it sets I'll go back and do that! this isn't my typical blog topic....maybe I needed all this comfort food after Sunday nights' Packer loss to the Saints.....sigh.....

Friday, October 24, 2014


My evenings have been happily spent stitching away on this little project.
If you are interested, read the back story here and here too.

AGATE INSPIRED  8' x 8"   © 2014
Marbled cotton fabric by the artist, hand embroidered, agate and bead embellished.  Gallery wrapped canvas.

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Thursday, October 23, 2014


At our September Fiber Junkies meeting, we worked with house paint, applying it to previous quilted designs.  Here's the post.
 This is one of my whole cloth trapunto stencil designs that was machine quilted with metallic thread.  The transformation began with a coat of off white house paint.  Then, after numerous applications of other colors.....the results was quite pleasing.
 The next step was to determine the most appropriate method of finishing the edges.  The layers were a little too thick and a bit stiff to achieve a tidy edge using a facing.  The quest to find fabric that showed off the design, but one that didn't detract, was surprisingly time consuming.  

Eventually this piece was unearthed.  It's a dense cotton that was sun printed. The sun didn't cooperate the day I did this so I had been disappointed in the results.  The (sort or) circles were created using stickers as a resist. 
After applying a double fold binding, it still seemed a bit lacking.
 So with metallic thread, I hand stitched some diagonal lines along the binding that met some of the quilted design lines.  I took them off after sewing two sides.

Instead, working with a heavier Maderia metallic embroidery thread, lines are stitched in only a few areas of the binding.  See to enlarge.
OAK LEAVES  12" x 11"
Artist machine quilted and painted cotton.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Upon moving to the mountains and with great determination, 'the husband' and I vowed to explore the outdoors on a regular basis.  Though we faithfully walk each's almost always in our own subdivision.  Sigh.....
 Recently, we learned about a hidden waterfall in the Pisgah National Forest, off the beaten path....really off the beaten path!  After a very bumpy drive along unmarked roads, following written instructions that almost read like ' turn left at the big rock, directly after a sharp right curve....' (You get the picture) we got to the dead end and headed out on foot.   
 This was the reward!
 But I didn't ignore the gems along the way......
The hike was a tad challenging because of the numerous steep berms to navigate.....making me wish I'd have brought my walking stick!  Our black lab was in a frenzy with happiness being out in the woods.....she turned into a great sled dog.....pulling me up the steep mounds....really, she did!
I could listen to this all's a very short video if you are interested.

The studio beckons.......we'll visit again very soon. 

Monday, October 20, 2014


It hardly gets better......a crisp fall day, the Packer game on TV, and a brilliant and skilled win.....    Packers 38 - Carolina 17 fiber related posting today as it was difficult trying to accomplish much stitching while watching cheering our team on.

Sunday, October 19, 2014


After redoing the beadwork....the agate is firmly and beautifully attached!


Saturday, October 18, 2014


Attaching agate slices to my projects with beads has become one of my favorite techniques.
 While most would pass on purchasing such a stone....having a hole in it provides more creative opportunities.

 Just when I thought I had conquered this technique....yesterday, I had to admit defeat.  The edges of this stone slice angled downward (instead of straight) and were unusually uneven.  

I misjudged the spacing on the beginning rounds of beadwork.....assuming it could be pulled tight when the last rounds were added (decreasing the number of beads to allow the 'bead cage' to encase the stone.)

The problem was actually apparent early on but I sort of liked the wavy affect along the edge, esp. since the background was marbled cotton.  However, since  these items are for sale, I couldn't risk that the agate would be held snugly enough in place.......
......So......after about 4-5 hours of only took 10 minutes to remove it.  Sure.....I'll try again.....