Friday, June 21, 2024


First let me say, I know it's been awhile since I posted.....really I do nothing much here except continue to settle in which means multiple appointments to establish new doctors which always leads to more appointments for tests and procedures.  Such a hassle!!

However, I did have a little free time to start a small project using an ice-dyed linen handkerchief.  My inspirations have shifted from the Blue Ridge Mountains to my new environment.  Poppies have caught my eye.

In my enthusiasm to get going, I (dah) totally didn't think through the process.  I traced a poppy shape on tissue paper which normally I'd pin to a piece of stabilized fabric. Then simply sew over the traced lines.  In my haste, I decided to avoid having to stitch around pins and did a very light application of wash out spray adhesive instead.  Of course the paper was impossible to remove.

Back to a sensible approach which honestly I haven't used in YEARS......clear washout stabilizer.

Once stitched, I trimmed the excess film away and soaked it in water to dissolve.

Now that's better...honestly, what on earth was I thinking previously!?!

Stay tuned for the reveal of this small California Poppy piece.


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