Wednesday, November 16, 2022


 Our Fiber Frenzy group met this week to play with some cutting equipment.  I've seen both of these machines in use previously, but being old school never gave much thought of owning either. But as they say, timing is everything.

In the past I've mentioned my nagging shoulder issue.  So after another cortisone injection & a frank discussion with my doc....I can no longer ignore it for much longer if I want to avoid more damage requiring rotary cuff surgery and an unacceptable (to me) recovery period.

So......I need to reduce the stress on my joints.....I'm hoping Santa is reading this.....

Kathie gave an in-depth demo of her Brother Scan 'n cut machine.  Here's an overview of the function that would most benefit ME to own one. 

We scanned in some of Susan's designs.  They were edited to make the best use of her fabric and saved in the machine's memory.

Next her fused fabric....fused side up, was fed in & the cutting function was initiated.
After removing the excess's the cut motifs.
This is the tree I scanned & would have taken me so long  to trace and cut.....this is done in minutes with accurate cutting.  WOW!!!!

Judy shared her Accuquilt die cut machine.  In preparation for a largish quilt I'm planning.....and with stacking help my pals, 5 layers each packet were cut into about 300 - 2.5" x 4.5" rectangles.

A view of the machine, the carrier that covers the foam die cut plate.

I don't do enough patchwork to justify this tool, so I'm really grateful for the generosity of Judy and my fellow Fiber Frenzy friends.  This would have probably taken me two days and way too much stress on my shoulder if cut by  hand.


Kathy said...

Those machines never interested me before either, but the Scan and Cut one seems to have the most use for art quilting. Looks like there could be a lot of use for it in your work! Hope Santa is good to you.

KittyAnn said...

They are amazing machines! At one of the LQS here in Wilmington, where I worked for 2 years prior to the pandemic, I sold at least one a week! My daughter has one and uses it frequently to make personalized gifts. She made a T-shirt for me for Mom's Day which has a coffee cup - sewing machine - wine glass, in a row across the shirt, I love it! She said I could use it but I've yet to take her up on it, maybe this winter. Last year for Christmas Sewing Santa gifted me with an Accuquilt cutter and lots of dies, I use it for cutting long strips most often, I have dies which cut from 1 inch up to 5 inches wide. Saves my wrists from the strain of rotary cutting, which I've been doing since 1990!

The Inside Stori said...

WOW Kitty Ann....what a great Sewing Santa gift........Super. And I'd sure make a date with your daughter to play with her toy too!!!

Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

As much as you do applique, Santa should indeed bring you one.

Nancy said...

Well there it is... and it's not too big to store or have on a table top either. The detail and precision is impressive. Go time!

Sherrie Spangler said...

I'm like you -- those machines never interested me. But I'm also like you in that I've trashed my shoulder (surgery No. 2 coming up next month) and my wrists are rebelling against rotary cutting. Now you've got me interested in them!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Wow - I can really see you going to town with that first machine. It would be perfect for speeding up the type of applique you often put on your quilts, not to mention taking the pressure off that shoulder.