Wednesday, April 14, 2021


Who doesn't love indigo and white....rare vintage fabrics with a modern twist.

Example of pairing the art quilt in a mid-century Modern setting.

"INDIGO" - 37" x 37" - Made from hard to find rare authentic vintage Shwe Shwe; South African Indigo dyed cottons by "Three Cats" for London's Spruce Manufacturing Company. This material has been printed with the 'block and discharge' method which began to flourish in 1652 in the Port of Good Hope. Machine pieced & quilted. Faced edges & prepared for hanging with fabric sleeve.
Now available, free shipping. US sales only. $275


straythreads said...

Beautiful I think I bought the same bundle of fabrics years ago and finally used them the past year.

Robbie said...

So glad you showed closeup of the fabrics...they are rather beautiful aren't they!!! Congrats on another beautiful piece of artwork!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Such a treasure. I hope it finds a home with someone who appreciates those fabrics.