Thursday, February 25, 2021


 With galleries still not fully open, I'm continuing to reduce my inventory directly through my social media. The special prices on my blog shop with free shipping will remain in effect through Feb. 28th.

The 3 pieces listed in this post have been meticulously stitched and wrapped onto a canvas covered display frame. All my canvas framed pieces are fully finished with fabric backing as shown in the photo example below. The pieces can be hung on a wall or displayed on a table top easel. (Easel not included)

"FOCUS ON NATURE" - 14" x 11" - $98. A colorful textured covered handmade work of art. This unique piece began with the artist's deconstructed screen printed silk noil, embellished with hours of hand beading, hand embroidery, and features a beaded cage & fringe surrounding a beautiful agate.


"PURPLE AGATE" - 10" x 8" - $98. A unique hand-made work of art. This visual treat begins with artist's made marbled cotton fabric, embellished with hours of hand beading, embroidery, and features a bead caged agate.

Back view
Side view

"WAVELENGTH" - 10" x 8" - $75. Lovely soft color with subtle details are the features of this unique hand-made work of art. The piece began with my ice-dyed wool, embellished with hand beading, hand embroidery, and features an elaborately beaded/fused/embossed pottery disc.

Free shipping on these pieces through March, 2021. Payment via Paypal or other options can be discussed. All pieces will be very carefully packaged and shipped via USPS, the next business day whenever possible. Smoke free home, US sales only.


Robbie said...

As always, lovely work!!! Hope they find new homes!!!

Norma Schlager said...

I bought some agates years ago in Houston, thinking they would go onto a quilt. I never did. Yours are stunning!

The Inside Stori said...

I really enjoy the process of beading agates to fiber, despite how tricky it can be and the approach and bead cage has to be specific to each one. The uneven edges and weight of the piece are what makes them so challenging and yet so rewarding when finished!