Wednesday, October 31, 2018


It was the wish of my friend, for whom I was dispersing her lifetime of quilting materials, to use some of the fabric for community quilts.  There were plenty of smaller amounts of older fabrics that were suitable.

My small group, The Fiber Junkies, took a meeting day to organize, color coordinate, and cut enough fabric for 8 kits, which included backing and binding.

At our most recent PTA meeting we began the process of sewing them together. 2 kits that we didn't get to that day came back home with me.  I spent the last 4+ days assembling/quilting and binding them.  It was such a relaxing time....not having to select fabrics or work out the design, instead I could simply enjoy carefree sewing.

The next stop will be the Asheville Quilt Guild where they will be appropriately distributed with size/color in mind.

Perhaps the next time you are looking through your stash, wondering what you are going to do with all that fabric.....think about seeking out one of the many groups that coordinate community quilt and offer your help.

UPDATE:  Here's a link to a project supporting those who lost their homes in the Carolinas due to the latest hurricane:

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Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

Wonderful quilts! It is nice to do some sewing for others in need!

Kathy said...

Wonderful way to use up the fabric! There is always a need and always a group needing help!

Nancy said...

It's such a good thing that the community quilts turned into such a fun and relaxing project for you and your quilting friends. Our guild does this as well- members "kit" the fabrics they are given so it is simple and straight-forward sewing. And it encourages us to let go of some of those fabrics we've hung onto so they can go live in a quilt!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Such a good thought. We all have more fabric than we will ever use. And you are so right about the joy of stress-free sewing.

Norma Schlager said...

What a great thing to do and a good way to use up fabrics. I should do that, too. I have so many prints that I rarely use.

Linda M said...

Great community quilts, I find that type of sewing so relaxing and enjoyable, now I know why - its stress free,