Friday, October 12, 2018


My design wall is one of the most important and useful items in my studio. I generally create one-of-a-kind wall art that is developed directly on the design wall by 'trial and error.'  There's lots of standing back and muttering well as test photos with the iPhone.  It's not uncommon for me to download various design approach photos to my computer to view them side by side.  It's such a good way to compare what is or is not working.

I came up with a nifty trick many years ago that I again used on a piece that's currently on my wall.  I blogged about it eons ago but thought perhaps sharing it again might be useful.

Sometimes fusible motifs require precise placement.  The process of pinning the shape without it attaching to the design wall, then transferring the background (if it's a large one) to a pressing surface can be troublesome as shifting so often occurs.  Instead, I dig out my Clover mini iron and spot fuse the pieces in place while they are on the wall before doing a final press at the ironing board.  It works great!

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Ramona said...

Your idea is a great one! Thank you for sharing. I loved your use of the word "muttering". My mom uses that word and my daughter has picked it up from her. It's so funny to hear her ask, "What are you muttering about?".

Nancy said...

That's a great tip, Mary. It kind of rings a bell, so I may have read it when you posted before. Those little irons are pretty handy. I'm a gadget person, so of course have one among the tools!

Robbie said...

That is a good idea...I'm having issues with pinning my pieces (hex - what else! HA) and deciding on my design...none are fused at this time...maybe I should have all the pieces ready to fuse...would be easier to design. Thanks for the tip!

Frances Arnold said...

I have used my big iron but never thought about using the mini iron....duh!!! Thanks for the new idea!!