Thursday, December 22, 2016


Studio time has been infrequent but it hasn't disappeared all together!
With a little extra time on my hands, some beautiful Merino wool roving was calling.  I've actually become fairly comfortable with the process of wet felting (or so I thought).  I set out to use up a small bit of coarse brown roving, topped with this multi-colored Merino.  The problem was the top layer would NOT felt to the inside layer....I worked and worked and worked at it.  

My conclusion was that the inner layer felted so quickly, the outer one didn't have a chance to bond.  Yet, it didn't do a great job of bonding to itself either.....  The result wasn't a total disaster as I now look at drying above.
 Throwing caution to the wind, I embarked upon another small vessel using just the blended colors of Merino roving.  My upper arms still WOULD NOT felt....the product came from a reputable supplier.  It simply fell apart as I took it off the hard rubber ball I was using as a form.
Giving up is NOT in my I tried using some of the still wet strands of roving for highlights in a larger wet felted bowl.  This view shows the's still wet....but at least I now have a use for the fibers.


Robbie said...

You are still my idol! Can't imagine the work involved in this felting! I only did it one time at a workshop and said I won't do it again! HA Good for you!!!

Margaret said...

Try it using a felting needle. This can be done safely by hand if one pays attention...and it becomes a rhythmic, meditative process. :-)

quiltedfabricart said...

They can't all be winners. At least you didn't have to throw it away. Roving isn't cheap. I hope your husband is doing well and you can enjoy the holidays together