Thursday, December 8, 2016


I untethered from home for a few hours to spend time with the Fiber Junkies for our holiday gathering.
Judy's beautifully decorated home was so welcoming.  She's always such a gracious hostess!
With no family close by, we haven't enjoyed a Christmas tree in our home for many years so it was so festive seeing Judy's.
A favorite activity at every meeting is Show and Tell. There's never a piece that Judy creates that I don't want to own.  This is no exception.  The realistically painted water wheel motif is displayed against a fabric stone wall backdrop.  The silk ivy leaves softens the scene. 
Judy used numerous techniques to make the leaves which look almost real!
Gen continued to experiment with the transfer papers we all created at a recent meeting.  Above and below are some of the results after pressing/transferring onto peach skin poly fabric.

Val's eco-printed hand-made paper had us all drooling.

Denny has been on a roll, making really large quilts incorporating her amazing collection of unique fabrics.
The backing is so darn's a print but appears as if it's vintage patchwork.
Judy and I photographed the scene at the same time, our dear Val is seated, calm and smiling as usual. 
Denny treats us annually with a stunning Yule me, it tasted even better than it looks.
This year we decided to exchange a 'nice' white elephant gift.  These fabulous resist dyed wool pieces were made by Val and were placed in the covered fabric box that she also made.  There was some 'stealing' of gifts as is normally the case in any white elephant exchange......however these good buddies generously stayed away from my gift.....everyone knew how perfect it was for me to take home.


Linda M said...

Friends are the best! I get to have lunch with some today.

The Idaho Beauty said...

I too don't put up a tree or much else so your opening photos were a real treat - elicited some ooo. aaah reactions. And oh my yes, your white elephant gift could not have been more perfect.

Robbie said...

Oh my gosh!! I thought the wagon wheel was a REAL wagon wheel someone took a picture of!!!! The leaves are beautiful too!
Love the transfer pics too...our fiber group is going to do some transfer printing this winter in Florida!
Val's papers are fantastic! WOW!! As is Denny's quilt! That is amazing...all the different fabrics! I remember the Yule log from previous years! HA Always looks so good! And lucky you to 'keep' the wool pieces! YEA...glad you were able to make your annual outing!

margaret said...

what fun time you had. Like you I do not have a tree etc just put my small hardanger angel and my nativity figures up. I enjoy the house opposite that has lights in every window, could not do that with mine as I get such condensation on mine due to not heating the house properly. Lovely gifts you received too

Nancy said...

Another fun time with fiber friends! That eco-dyeing is sooo appealing, isn't it? Beautiful pieces and a variety to whet the appetite. Which brings me to the Yule Log- oh my, wonderful.