Saturday, March 15, 2014


We all agree, our retreat is the most fun we have all year. You'd think we'd be tired repeating the exact same itinerary for our retreat....but it only gets better.  

Without a doubt, having such great, talented, generous, kind girlfriends is a treasure. The details of our retreat may only be interesting to on or come back another day....
 Before we even begin to organize our stations.....Judy and Kate are sharing photos of potential projects.
 Other important 'stations' are set up.....snacks and music...
 Items to share.....fabric, books, magazines
 The meeting room space we rent is fabulous.....tables, iron stations, and even raised cutting tables are all provided.
 Several of us have taught on the national quilt circuit for ages, so we count many recognizable names as personal buddies.  But still...who'd even believe I'd be lucky enough to have Linda Cantrell as my personal presser.  Linda was in between projects and chose to knit rather than quilt so she kindly volunteered to assist me.
 I won't share who has lowered her waist band to show her that might seem like a crazy thing for a quilter to wear since we all tend to do so much sitting!
 But.....low and behold......a second member showed off hers as well.....each try to reach 10,000 steps per day.....watching these two iron is a hoot as they walk/prance in place!

That's the back story of our group's retreat.....come back to see what everyone made.

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Robbie said...

Love it!!! What a hoot! I saw on other PTA blog your quilt much work was accomplished..I'd still be opening wine bottles!!