Monday, March 17, 2014

HAND EMBROIDERY TO ADD TEXTURE's a dreary, foggy, chilly Monday morning here in the mountains, but I have that warm and fuzzy feeling like we all get when a project is coming together....just like we hoped it would.
The background for this piece is ice dyed cotton.  I've been fondling it for such a long time!  In July I'll have another opportunity to exhibit nature based quilts at the North Carolina Arboretum. This fabric was calling as I begin a few new pieces for the show.

The red tree shapes, made from deconstructed screen printed cotton fabric, were fused.  Fusing is not a method I use often, however for this design it was the right choice.
 Some simple machine stitching provided more details. now I got the preparation over with, and the fun can begin. I plan to hand embroider the entire background using some simple stitches.  Here both long and short stitches, using size 12 Valdani thread, highlight the rusty color areas.

I hope you'll keep reading and watching the progress.


Julie Bagamary said...

Very pretty.

Robbie said...

Really nice piece!!!

Els said...

Thanks for your comment ;-)
We grow older and wiser !

Happy stitching

margaret said...

the ice dyeing has worked a treat and this is going to be a lovely piece when completed, good to read you are going to embroider it