Monday, August 16, 2021


 My long time friend Jan VanderHill posted a photo of a mini quilt I made for her to commerate a ridiculously funny moment in Oct. 2001, about a month after 9/11. It's called "Denture Dunker". Here's what I wrote on her post after she brought it to my attention.


"We could probably write a book about our Iceland, London, Paris quilters tour on which I was still recovering from being the stem cell donor for my twin sister. Though I wouldn't have missed the trip for the world, I was really, really feeling punk the whole time. After learning our return flight had been changed.....with reassigned seat locations, Jan and I set off to find Iceland Airline's downtown Paris office as that was the only way to be sure we could have one of our fellow travelers put in a seat to accommodate her dislocated shoulder. Internet communication was far different than what it is today at that time!!! After all our turns out our requests were ignored, including the seating for Jan and I which were supposed to be together.

So we get on the plane in Paris....I was a row across & behind Jan's seat, both of us were on the asile. I noticed while we were in flight she kept turning her head toward me...with this sort of horrified look on her face. Finally I got up and slowly walked past her to check out what she was trying to tell me. Seated next to her was someone we assumed was a cleric, dressed in all black with his long beard and head covering. (With everyone on edge during this scary time, we noticed him in the waiting area.....remember this was right after 9/11). He had taken his dentures out and was dunking them in a plastic with a toothpick. UNBELIEVABLE!!! Poor Jan sat next to him all the way from Paris to Iceland where we all connected on flights to our various home areas in the US. I couldn't get this hilarious vision out of my I made this little quilt for Jan and presented it to her not long afterwards which I believe was on my Caribbean cruise or tour to Hawaii...can't remember which. I'm touched that Jan still has this piece Jan......20 years ago....where did the time go????

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