Thursday, January 16, 2020


My inventory was very short on wet felted bowls and vessels.....I'd been having a moratorium on that technique in order to (hopefully) allow my sore shoulder to recover without the recommended surgery!!
 So yesterday I began.....slowly......not that this is something I can do quickly anyway.  I believe some felt artists can work quite quickly....wonder what their secret is??  It is painfully slow for me, yet enjoyable.  Wisps of dyed wool roving are divided into small 'shingles' and layered, vertically and horizontally into my chosen shape.  Warm soapy water and elbow grease does the rest.
Did I say this was slow??  After nearly a full day.....I've only have 4 pieces drying to show for my time....but a lot of junk TV that has also been absorbed to further mush my brain if the crack I just did to my head wasn't enough.

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