Wednesday, April 18, 2018


Because this is a sewing/fiber blog, I try to stay away from personal life chit chat.  However, back in Feb. 'the husband' had another cervical surgery to fix a problem from his first 6 vertebra fusion which failed. You wonderful followers have written so often asking how he's doing that I thought a final report was owed.
 He's still worse off then before this whole nasty adventure started over a year and a half ago. He's learning to adapt to his new limitations, which among other things is a 30 pounds weight restriction.  

Neither one of us are 'sitters'.....we like to be active and hands on.  'The husband' enjoys outdoor cooking, always has.  I can count on one hand the number of times I've cooked a Thanksgiving turkey in my oven.  He's cooked on a Big Green Egg since we got ours in 1999.  Living here has turned his interest more and more toward 'real' BBQ smokers.  

This monster weight 275 lbs. and of course once the delivery man got it off his truck (or should I say dropped it off the truck!!) we were on our own.  So, 'the husband' came up with this clever engineering feat to winch it up the two steps to our deck using his 'come-along', a hydraulic lifter once used for his motorcycles, and a ramp he built.  

Frankly, I could barely waiting for a train wreck...but it worked and it only took a total of 4 trips to Lowe's!


Kathy said...

I was hoping for a good news update on the least it looks likes he's TRYING a little bit to keep to the weight lifting restriction!

Nancy said...

Oh my.. that would be hard to watch after all he's been through (and you along with him). But those adaptive skills are to be admired. He isn't going to let this stop him from pursuing his interest, and that's a good thing. Hope he continues well in recovery.

Robbie said...

When I saw the weight I thought...oh no!!! But how clever of hubby!!!! Where there's a will.there's a way! HA

The Idaho Beauty said...

And we soldier on - lol. Can't keep a good man down!

Ann Scott said...

Ingenious! I understand you barely being able to watch... I have had my experiences watching my husband push motorcycles up into his truck with some very questionable ramps! Too dangerous here now; I'm happy, no more motorcycles. I hope you two take care and enjoy that smoker.