Tuesday, April 30, 2013

GALLERIBBA - international small wall quilt gallery

Let me introduce you to a new online international gallery that is a virtual feast for your eyes.  It's called galleribba, and it represents the work of 42 artists.   Meta Heemskerk has developed the juried website to showcase small wall art.  The maximum size can be no larger than 12" x 12".  It's so exciting to see the incredible work of artists from other countries!  Again, reminding us how small our world has become since the Internet entered our lives.

Meta's websites are written in both English and Dutch.....oh my and we think we do a lot of work when we post!!  Her credentials are astonishing.....so be sure to click on the link I've got highlighted here to get acquainted with this talented lady.  I always think it's nice to put a face to a name......so I hope Meta won't mind me lifting one of her off her website!

She wisely requests that you ask permission if you'd like to use other web images...something we all should remember to do all the time! 

To satisfy your yearning to see some 'art' in this otherwise short post today....below you'll see one of my pieces that will be featured on galleribba.  

I'll be away, with only infrequent posts coming your way for the next week.  I think Spring has found the areas of the country that I'll be visiting...yeah.....it's too bad 'the husband' and 'Sooty'...who is perfecting her begging face, will remain in the mountains with our chilly weather.

Textures  12" x 11" 
Artist dyed and felted wool, embellished with found objects and beads,
 hand embroidered.

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Windy Hill Happenings said...

What a great venue for your beautiful felted pieces...Congratulations!