Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Art of Jennie Rayment

Jennie Rayment was the guest speaker at the Asheville Quilt Guild meeting this month.

Jennie, is an English Quilter who is known for her clever methods of manipulating fabric into tucks and pleats.

Sadly, my photo of her fabulous textured quilt is blurry......but I hope it will peak your interest to visit her website (click on her name above). She's authored numerous books to guide you through her textured world!

I've taught with Jennie at major conferences and knew our group was in for a big treat. Her lecture is incredibly entertaining as well as informative. She brings an amazing amount of samples to share. The lovely conversational presentation is an amusing journey as she pokes fun at some of her "early days" workshop samples.....continuing with samples on up to her recent pieces.

Her garment is a showcase of her techniques.....and was one of the high points of the presentation. She tells a story about garment choices that a traveling instructor must consider......while she begins to shed layer after layer of her tucked, ruffled, and manipulated pieces.....which included two layers of bloomers!

She concludes her lecture wearing an embellished body suit (and with her vegetarian/runner's figure....why not!) Don't pass up an opportunity to spend time with this talented, down to earth, and fun loving instructor!

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